Kelly Mathews

Marketing Strategist


For as long as I can remember, I’ve sought to understand the deeper meaning behind the arc of life’s experiences; especially how and why people think and act the way they do. These curiosities were intrinsic to realizing my gifts as a marketer. 

Prior to starting Resonance, I created a solid marketing program for a financial services firm. In positioning the firm as a leader in their field, prospects and clients were better able to develop a deeper trust in the company. Although my successes were fulfilling and my skillset expanded, I felt something was missing.

I knew I could have a greater impact on more businesses. So I began talking with business owners and sensed that many of them didn’t know how to connect the dots between their business and their target market. When asking them the deeper questions of why they do what they do, I realized many of them were missing key aspects of a truly successful marketing strategy.

This is my gift.

I ask questions that cut to the heart of the matter. I listen and reflect back the more meaningful aspects of my clients’ businesses. I help identify their authentic brand messages and communicate those messages in ways that resonate with their precise markets.

RESONANCE is founded on the belief that every business has a story—and those stories and the people behind them are essential to connection. My passion is helping entrepreneurs develop and implement intentional marketing strategies that create a sturdy foundation for their businesses to thrive.


Authenticity. Service. Commitment. Growth.

These are my core values.