{Free Guide} Does your online presence reflect your business well?

I recently spoke to a group of women entrepreneurs. The first thing I asked was, “How many of you are turned off by the word ‘marketing’?” Smirks and giggles filled the room.

I recognize that many people have a weird relationship with marketing. You may be overwhelmed with its complexity and ever-changing nature. You may resist it because it feels inauthentic. Yet you still attend those free webinars and events because you know it’s necessary to be online in order for your business to get to the next level.

I like to help people shake off the resistance they hold toward marketing by offering a different perspective and an easy to understand framework.

Think of your online brand presence as an extension of who you are. Your website (in particular) is you…in digital form! When a prospect is on your website, they are developing a relationship with you—and the way they feel about you is driven by the words and design that make up your website.

When I look at a business’ online presence as a whole, there are 4 key components of success:

  • Brand Messaging

  • Website User Experience (UX)

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Content Marketing Strategy

Your brand messaging and website user experience (UX) can be compared to how you communicate in person. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consists of best practices to help the right people find your business online. And a content marketing strategy allows you to strategically communicate with your prospects and clients on an ongoing basis (as well as boost SEO).

If you have no idea what all that entails, I developed a {free} 12-page guide intended to help you gain a better understanding.

{Free} 12-Page Guide
Assess and Upgrade How Your Business Shows Up Online

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While the online world is never going to be as real or authentic as in person, the fact is that people turn to the internet everyday to solve their problems and do research before making purchase decisions. It’s to your benefit that your online presence accurately reflect your business.

When done well, it will support you in sharing your gifts and connecting with more people who >>resonate<< with your business.

Let me know if the guide is helpful, or if you still need a little help shaking off that resistance toward marketing your business.

With gratitude,